Beverly and Dalma

Beverly Johnson & Dalma | Valentino

It was my very first assignment for Italian Bazaar. I was selected to shoot the designer Valentino's Collections for his advertising. It was generally about 22 pages of photos which ran in both Bazaar Italia, and Paris Vogue. Some of the photos also ran full page in the fashion publication "W"(a broad sheet at the time). Valentino got the best models, as well as the most talented hair, and makeup artists.

I had been shooting for Vogue for a couple of years (perhaps 6 to 8 assignments per year), but this was my first job in Europe.

Twice a year Bazaar Italia would fly about a half dozen photographers, their assistants, some makeup artists, hair stylists, and a dozen models from the U.S. to Rome to shoot the fall, and then the spring Collections.

American Bazaar's currently, very hot, contract photographer Patrick Demarchelier was one of those who would also go on these photo excursions. Brooke Shields was there one season, along with her mother.

I loved shooting for Italian Bazaar, in large part because of Lizzette Kattan, Bazaar's exceptional Editor. And getting 22 beautiful pages of Valentino's fashions into both Italian Bazaar, and Paris Vogue didn't hurt either.