Hey! Nobody brought a radio!

Kelly and the Mariachis


This area contains pictures, and explanations to show how photos were made, or to demonstrate some other aspect of what went on "behind the scenes."

Above: I was photographing Kelly LaBrock for Bazaar. Because there were no roads, we had to climb a mile to reach our location in a mountain range. We lugged a couple of hundred pounds of clothes, and photo equipment, but it was a great location, and definitely worth the effort.

During the first day of the shoot, the stylists were complaining that "nobody brought a radio." There was no music. That night we went to a restaurant in Tecate. There was a Mariachi band playing there. I secretly hired them to show up at our photo shoot in the mountains the next day.

I paid them in advance.

As the makeup/styling were being completed for our model Kelly, I was wondering if they would show. Sure enough, to everyone's delight, they suddenly appeared in song! They followed us throughout the day, and everyone had a great time.